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Joyful Biz Co

Madi Dick, Small Business Consultant 

I empower women entrepreneurs to overcome obstacles and maximize success.

About Me

⎯ My name is Madi. I’m a wife and mama and most important I am a child of God. 💛⁣

⎯ I’ve been an entrepreneur my whole life constantly dreaming up new business plans.⁣

⎯ I’ve also worked for various non-profits assisting with marketing, social media management, organizational communication, development, fundraising and event planning. ⁣

⎯ I love what I do and I love small businesses, but hanging out with people in real life is where it’s at!! ⁣

⎯ You can find me drinking coffee or tea all day long. Black coffee is my go-to order and I am 100% a creature of habit. 

-I am excited to work with you!

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 Small Biz Tips 



Individual Coaching 

Pretend I transported to your favorite coffee shop and we get to chat about your business and develop an  individualized plan to maximize your success!

Custom Add Ons 

Want custom social media graphics? Creative copy for your brand? Business cards? Need help setting up your Mailchimp service? Signs? Stickers? Car Decals? 

Let me help your business!

Join the Community

Joyful Biz Co hosts networking and free educational classes for entrepreneurs. Follow Joyful Biz Co on social media to stay up to date on the latest connection opportunities. 

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