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How to Get an Awesome Photography Background for Your Business with Myranda Kennedy Photography

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Want better photos for your biz without spending a ton of money?!

Myranda Kennedy is a lifestyle and wedding photographer based in southeast Nebraska. We met at the Gospel Coffee Shop in Brownville, Nebraska and became fast friends. I learned an amazing photography tip from her that is a wonderful secret for small business owners looking to improve their business photos for promotional sales, social media posts and more.

For this tip you only need a few dollars, some natural light and an iPhone.

Step 1: Visit Home Depot and pick out a flooring sample. Many of the samples start at $1.99 and go up from there.

Step 2: Set up a brand photoshoot for your business next to a window in your home or office. Any area of your work space with natural light will work!

Step 3: Take amazing photos for your small business!

Thank you Myranda Kennedy for sharing this incredible tip with us. Follow Myranda Kennedy on Instagram or visit her website here.

Tag us if you try this tip and follow @joyfulbizco on Instagram for more small business tips!



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