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Instagram Engagement Tips Every Biz Owner Needs to Know

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

If you've ever felt like you are just not getting enough engagement as you would like to on Instagram, here's some tips that will help boost your engagement.

Remember, you're on Instagram to be profitable, not popular.

Tip Number 1: Find your niche and target audience. If you’re speaking to everyone, you’re speaking to no one. Finding your niche can be a process so don't beat yourself up if you are struggling to narrow it down.

Some ideas to help you find your niche:

-Get really specific. Identify a specific person, their yearly salary, location, specific problems or pain points your business solves, etc. The idea is to really hone in on your target audience. If your target audience is "women in their 40s," it's time to narrow down your dream customer and get specific.

-Write down 3 powerful experiences that you have lived and how they impacted you. Consider how your business solves a problem for that particular experience. This may become your niche!

-Write down 3 things you are really passionate about. How does your passion solve a problem or save time for your dream customer?

-Your dream customer may have been you in the past. Is this true for your target audience or business? Consider what your past needs when creating your content, product or service.

Tip Number 2: Give engagement if you want engagement in return. Leave comments with 4 words or more! Leave comments on 10 people’s accounts and you might get 1 in return. This is pretty much true for any social media platform. Truly get to know your audience, ask them questions and respond to their needs. Don't just assume you know what they want from your business!

Tip Number 3: Save people time and solve their problems! Of course, loop that around to the first point - you’re trying to solve your dream customer’s problems. This is why "How to" videos and DIYs are so popular. Keep a notebook full of ways your business can save time or solve problems and build your social media content around those topics.

Tip Number 4: Use personalized and smaller hashtags (5000 entries or less). If all your hashtags have millions of entries your post is less likely to make it to the top for people exploring. Again, no one size fits all here. Not all large hashtags are bad. The more important thing is that you’re hanging out on hashtags your niche is also spending time on.

Tip Number 4: People are selfish. They want to know how your content serves them. Create valuable shareable content that meets the needs of your target audience. Ask yourself before you post, "is this something my dream customer would share online?"

Tip Number 5: Provide a clear Call to Action on every single post. Examples: “Follow for more tips” or “Share this post with a friend.” If your content is missing a clear call to action, it may fall flat and get less engagement.

Tip Number 6: Respond to every comment or direct message on Instagram. Thank people who share your business posts. Instagram wants you to be social so they will show your account more to the people you interact with and they interact with you.

Tip Number 7: Like comments after you post a new pic. It will push the notification to the top of their feed and they may be more likely to click on your profile and see what’s new on your account after they see the notification.

Follow me on Instagram for more tips and share this post with a friend who wants to boost their Instagram engagement. 👊

I’m cheering you on!


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