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Let's transform your business...

Small Business Consulting 

Overcome your obstacles to maximize success!


Maybe you've been running your own small business for years, but you are just not getting enough sales, you're too overwhelmed with writing captions or making graphics for your Instagram stories? 

Let's schedule a zoom call and create a strategy to solve the frustrations facing your small business. 

You will walk away with a clear vision, renewed energy and an action plan with tangible goals to help your business overcome obstacles and thrive. 

Intro strategy session $49 

  • Develop strategic plan for your biz

  • Conduct social media audit

  • Develop social media strategy

  • Develop communication and marketing content pillars

  • Develop niche and target audience

  • Fine tune branding

  • Create clear action steps

  • Create editable Mind Map resource

Group Workshops $199

During this workshop you will....​

  • Receive a clear strategy for approaching social media

  • Learn what's trending in the social media

  • Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and small business owners

  • Each attendee will also receive a free packet full of resources to equip you to approach social media with confidence. Light refreshments will be served.

Custom Packages and Add-ons

  • Need a social media calendar?

  • Event planning assistance?

  • Help developing a branding guide?

  • Assistance with Canva?

Custom Packages are available. Please email me at to discuss your specific needs.

I desperately needed help with my business strategy. I struggled with my niche, could not figure out my audience, and how I can serve them. I had so many ideas in my head but could not put that together for an action. After only one Intro Strategy Session with Madi, she helped me with all the areas I struggled, and gave me so many more great tips. Looking forward to learn more from her! I would highly recommend her services!! -Ksenya

Kelly Bloom and Sprout Joyful Biz Co Rev

Kelly Mifsud, Bloom and Sprout

I recently had an Intro Strategy Session with Madison Dick and I can not recommend her enough. Madi helped me hone in on my target audience, discussed content pillars for social media, hashtag strategies and also suggested wonderful product ideas for my small business. Madi listens intently, patiently and then not only enthusiastically helps to direct you on how to grow your small business, she gives you the confidence to believe you can do it. I can't wait to book another session!

Angelina Mueller Joyful Biz Co

Angelina Mueller, Willow and Pine  

Madi helped me so much get my business idea into focus. I’m the type of person who has an idea and it’s usual a tangle of information in my brain and she helped me clearly get all my thoughts to paper. The mind map is such an amazing tool for me to use to keep my ideas organized so I can implement them more effectively. I will most definitely be utilizing her services as my business plan progresses!

Abby Zachritz Joyful Biz Co Review.jpg

Abby Zachritz, Special Needs Advocate

Madi is amazing- she took her time- to help me clarify some action steps that helped me get to the next level! When I went off topic - she followed me - gave me tips, and brought me back to focus! As a mom of 5 I loved that!!! Thank you Madi for everything!

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